*cough cough*

September 25, 2008 at 6:01 pm (Uncategorized)

stupid stupid lab tried to freakin’ kill me today! who the hell fills up a funnel with toxic chemicals if it is obviously clogged?? when i was asked to go fix it, the stupid overfilled and overly heavy funnel fell over and spilled all over me and, more importantly, out of the hood, so the stupid and incredibly toxic fumes flooded the lab and my face. so, clean up, clean up, clean up, talk to health and safety, blah blah…then the boss walks into the lab, notes that even though the chemical has been cleaned up it still smells like it in the lab (which means the toxic fumes are still present) and i’m taking responsibility and finishing clean up of our animal work that day, even though i shouldn’t have to, that i need to stay in the lab even longer and make a solution for an undergrad. even though i almost died. and the student could’ve made it himself.

let me reiterate. almost died, people! my nose and eyes hurt for hours. and only two people in lab, out of twenty, asked me later if i was still ok. and my boss wants to have a meeting tomorrow “to discuss today’s
events,” because she has “some constructive ideas for moving forward.” or in other words, yell at me for other people’s mistakes. or give me more work to deal with other people’s mistakes, rather than punishing those that make said mistakes.

in case there is anyone out there who is actually concerned, i am ok, i think. i left early to go home and shower but i’m terrified of napping, in case some lingering trace of the chemical is hiding in my lungs and kills me in my sleep.

in seemingly but not really unrelated news, i applied for two jobs working for an environmental agency, and on the same day, i ran into an old professor who i always got along with, who happens to know people who work at said agency and he’s going to put in a good word for me…come on, interviews! i gotta get out of this lab!


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