vacation! part 1

October 5, 2008 at 2:04 pm (life in general)

oh my moly, i’m on vacation! for the first time since february, i’m taking more than one day off with out being deathly ill. i’m off ’til the 13th…ah….

so, Stuff has been Happening. when last our heroine (that’s me) blogged, she had interviewed with a jerk prof,  had been doused in chemicals and subsequently exposed to more of said chemicals by boss (grrr), and had applied to a couple regulatory jobs. since then:

1) i got the job with the jerk prof

2) i turned down the job with the jerk prof- the justifications being that a) he’s a jerk, b), i’d have to kill lots of mice at that job, c) though it pays more than my current job, it’s still not great pay, and d) he’s a jerk.

3) i applied for a couple more regulatory jobs, one with the tranportation people (why do they need an environmental biologist?) and one with a river basin association

4) three days after applying with the river basin people, they called me in for an interview

5) the interview went really, really well and i’m scheduled for a second interview with them this upcoming tuesday

6) i started reading jasper fforde’s thursday next books- holy crap, they’re good!

and now, i’m sitting out on my balcony with the cats, enjoying the almost-but-not-quite cool weather (hey, at least it’s in the 90s and not the 100s!). the cats love smelling everything, i love my balcony chair (it’s an old wooden armchair that we’ve had probably since i was born and i love it), and there’s a little bit of a breeze. plus, i get to ignore all work emails for a whole week! life sucks much less than normal right now…


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