October 7, 2008 at 5:21 pm (Uncategorized)

i hate interviews. i had my followup interview with the river basin people and i left feeling like i was totally crap. the interview guy was this huge, texan rancher lookin’ guy, with a big yosemite sam type mustache. he asked questions like “if you have a mentor, what qualities does that person have that you want to emulate?” and “what is your five year plan?” um… well, i know what i don’t want to emulate- i hate bosses who want everyone to like them, to the point of not getting the job done. in my case, i always end up with the extra crap that other people should be doing, but the boss doesn’t want people to not like her, so she makes me do it. that’s basically how i answered the question. as for my five year plan? i couldn’t exactly be truthful and say, “i want this job for the salary so i can buy a house and maybe have a kid” now could i? i said some nonsense about loving to be a lab manager and wanting to do it forever. that’s pretty true, i guess, but sounds crap. so now i wait to see what they decide. the dude said he had to interview people all day, then talk to the other person i interviewed with and they’d make a decision. i should hear back soon…right? gah, i don’t feel good about this one.

i neeeeeeeed this job. i gotta get out of my current lab. i’m not even going to work this week but i am still hearing about the drama going on. i want to work with grown ups! i don’t want to work with students anymore! or maybe i just don’t want to work with the students in my lab any more. i’m way tired of over entitled egos and self esteem crises. it took me ages and several traumatic experiences to get to who i am now, and seeing people sabotage themselves for people who don’t give a crap about them makes me depressed. why can’t they see that in the big picture, that the bullies in college don’t matter?? why can’t people stand up for themselves, and on the flip side, why can’t people in power investigate and get the whole story before judging their employees? gah, i cannot stand my lab.

in other news, the boy and i have wedding rings now! yay! we’re still not officially married, but i feel like we are now for some reason. so i really need this job so i can save money to help him go to art school.

gah, hurry up and make a decision, river basin people! i hate waiting!


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