October 8, 2008 at 11:08 am (cats, life in general)

in an effort to enjoy my vacation, i’m taking pictures of things i love and showing them off in this post. if i can’t go anywhere for my vacation, at least i can enjoy what i have!

(still no call on the job, by the way…dammit)

my favorite room in our apartment has to be the balcony- in the fall, at least. not so much in the summer- anyone from central or south texas knows what I’m talking about! i took some pics to show it off, since i just redecorated it (read: replaced all the dead plants with live ones that i hope i will remember to water). look at how pretty!


ok, well, it looks better in real life, really. and the chair is super, super comfy. and can you see the creepy awesome little gnome ball on the table? i love him. his name is george-the-creepy-gnome-ball-guy. there are also xmas lights all over the place (but tastefully!) that you can’t see in this picture, but they totally look cool. the cats appreciate the balcony, too:

in this photo, kiwi is trying to find dead leave to chomp on, while moon is planning her escape. see, the door to the right leads to stairs that connect to the main stairs leading to the ground (we’re on the third floor). no matter how many awful experiences moon has when she does manage to escape, like meeting dogs, other cats, babies, etc that all try to destroy her, she still tries like to crazy to escape as often as she can. hence the cardboard behind the plants- the screen that normally contains the balcony comes up on the edges, giving moon a perfect escape hatch (or, allowing other cats to come in and poop in the corner). so, when i’m on the balcony with the furballs, i have to watch moon to make sure she hasn’t found some other escape hatch that i didn’t think of and block. such a little furry pain in the butt. as for kiwi’s obsession with eating dead leaves…whatever. as long as he doesn’t get sick. he seems pretty happy, and i think really he just chews them ’cause he likes the crunch then spits them out. moon on the other hand likes to chew on the live aloe, and since i have no idea if that is bad for kitties or not, i have to restrain her when she gets in chompy moods. such a weird little cat.

anyway, the balcony is my favorite spot to read in the whole apartment- i still love my ebook reader, by the way! i take it and some coffee to the balcony, bring the cats if they are being good, listen to the birds and enjoy the weather while reading away. i can even convince myself that the highway i can hear sounds a little like the ocean. better than any coffee shop, let me tell you! i can be in my pjs, i never have to hope to get the best seat, since i always get it, and i can leave my laptop out when i want to go pee rather than packing it up and hauling it into the bathroom with me. plus no one talks to me! i hate it when i’m reading at a coffee shop or restuarant and someone asks “hey, what are you reading? let’s chat and make annoying conversation even though you are obviously not here to talk!” once some old texan guy walked past my table (back when i lived in port a) and said “watch out, you might expand your mind.” um, thanks buddy. this may come as a shock but lots of people i know, who are my age or younger, enjoy reading. get over your ‘my generation is totally smarter than yours’ attitude.

aaaaaanyway, i really need to do some crafting this week. i’ve been thinking about knitting a lot, possibly because i’ve rediscovered my yarn stash. anyone need a scarf? that’s about my skill level. i want to get one of those huge knitting looms and make a blanket or something…but that might require buying lots of expensive yarn. scarves only require two or three skeins, which is more what my attention span and budget can handle.

this is what kiwi (and probably everyone else) thinks of my knitting musings:

yes, well, shut it.

two more days ’til my birthday! i love birthdays!!! i love getting all the attention, and just the fact that i’m alive and was born is nice, too. plus 27 seems like it’ll be a pretty sexy year. i love spoiling people on their birthdays, and always hope someone will spoil me on mine. that hasn’t really happened since my 18th birthday, but i keep hoping. i’ll blog about my best birthday ever later in the week, i think. we’ll see. now, it’s time to read!


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  1. simple dad said,

    well, I *tried* to spoil you…but someone I know wanted to eat at home.

    Next year?


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