booze and a staple gun

October 12, 2008 at 7:16 pm (life in general, Uncategorized)

friday was my birthday-woohoo! i usually take some time during my birthday to reflect and blog, but friday was just too crazy and i spent yesterday recovering. in a good way. yee yee and a friend of ours from work crashed my birthday lunch with the boy to bring me a birthday tiara, wand and sash, and we got the whole restuarant to sing for me-awesome! yee yee and i then hung out and drove around austin for a bit, one of my favorite things to do, before ending up at book people and emeralds, where we looked at books and random stuff, respectively. my dad gave me two different kinds of fancy alcohol (’cause i don’t ever buy my own booze, and i was recently complaining that moon knocked my bottle of rum off the counter and it shattered into a million pieces, one of which i stepped on later) and a staple gun (hence the title), which i am very excited about. i do not promise that i will never combine the two. i get creative at random times, so who knows what i’ll decide i have to staple under the influence of peach rum? i already have some ideas…

i also got a $50 gift card for hobby lobby, which i totally used to buy fancy yarn. i felt like crap yesterday (there’s a cold trying its best to take over my brain) so i spent a quiet evening knitting with fancy bamboo yarn and watching weird tv. fabulous!

i don’t want my vacation to be over! there’s so much more slacking off i want to do! i never really cleaned my apartment like i wanted to, and now i have a staple gun and lots of yarn and so many ideas…stupid work.

and no, i didn’t get the damn river basin job. stupid jerks decided to go with someone else. apparently i am too sexy to work in water quality management. at least, that’s what i’m telling myself. i have no idea why i didn’t actually get hired. maybe because they suck. and are jerks. this is what i get for turning down the job i did get offered, huh? it’s ok, the search continues. i didn’t want to have to drive out to round rock every day anyway.

they can still suck it, though.


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