October 13, 2008 at 6:59 pm (life in general, rants)


seriously, my boss is insane. i really, really must leave lab, as soon as freakin’ possible. i spent this year working my freakin’ ass off for her, working 80 hour weeks and taking no vacations, while the students around me did whatever they wanted and took weeks off at a time. i did my damn best to run the lab so that it worked smoothly and everyone was happy, while she basically told everyone in lab to ignore everything i said (i happen to know she didn’t pay any attention to the stuff i set up in lab, even when she told me to do it). i finally, FINALLY take a vacation and come back to a boss that does her best to avoid me, even face to face, then sends me a jerky passive aggressive email saying that something i brought up at lab meeting the day before my vacation, over a week ago, was an outburst, when in actuality it was just some uncomfortable lab business.  she is so damn busy trying to make sure everyone is always so happy and no one feels uncomfortable, even when they are WRONG, that lab is running out of control. her excuse is that she wants to be fair to everyone. everyone but ME! i ALWAYS end up taking up the slack for lazy students. i ALWAYS have to hear the ‘you’re so mean’ bullshit lectures, when all i am is informative. ever since my boss came back from her MONTH LONG VACATION, she’s been tearing everything i do apart. i cannot do the job she wants me to do if every time i do it, i have to worry if she’s going to come back and bite me on the ass about it.

i also KNOW that part of this is because of one stupid grad student who is trying to cover her own unprofessional, snooty, passive aggressive ass by blaming everything that goes wrong in lab on me. hey e, know who i’m talking about???

I CANNOT HANDLE THIS ANY MORE. i have applied to several ridiculous administrative positions at my university, because i need to leave this position. i hate people who harp on and on about being ‘fair’ to everyone, but are total hypocrites. SHE CAN F*CKING SUCK IT.

how’s that for an outburst, huh??? shall we set a little meeting to ‘discuss’ it, like we did the ‘incident’ where i almost died in lab? hmm?? where all you do is defend your bad choices and refuse to let me defend myself?

there goes all the relaxation i sucked up on vacation. in good news, i also applied for a position working as program coordinator for the austin side of the grad school where i went. the good news is that it is an easy job and pays more than i get now, and doesn’t involved chopping the heads off poor defenseless rats (which is what i had to do today-welcome back to lab, meg!). the bad news is that it doesn’t start ’til jan. also, i only just applied today and haven’t interviewed or anything. maybe i can refrain from going too nuts and not screw up my chances to get this job…but, with my boss being who she is, i don’t know about that…


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  1. E said,

    Take a deep breath…….

    and yes I know who you are talking about. Just ignore her, until you can leave and know she will always be unhappy.

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