nerdgasm, times a million

October 20, 2008 at 7:58 pm (crafts, just pure awesome)

oh my moly. maker faire austin was this weekend, and it was amazing. in all of my faire-visiting life, i have never been to an event that more fit my interests, and where i felt more at home. if you don’t know what maker faire is, it is described as a huge do it yourself festival, but it’s way more than that. all the austin crafters, modders, robot folks, and just crazy awesome folks come out, and not only do they show you what they make, they show you how to make their stuff. holy crap, i learned so much. for example, did you know you can make shrinky dink jewelry using regular #6 plastic?? i didn’t until this lovely lady taught me. plus, the guy who wrote kluge was there, and he gave a super great talk. the sheer overwhelming atmosphere of creative goodness that surrounded the faire made me incredibly happy- it did in only one day what i could not accomplish in an entire week of vacation. here’s some examples of the awesomeness:

i also took some videos of the cool events (sadly, the video i took of the eepybird guys doing their diet coke and mentos routine got corrupted, and i never got to see the life size mouse trap), i’ll post links to them when (if ever) they finish uploading to youtube.

holy crap, it was so freaking awesome. i wish it was every weekend. i’ve decided that i have to get more involved in the austin crafting scene. i need to surround myself with like minded folks! it’s funny, i talked to people who had been to the original maker faire in san fransisco (or wherever) and the overwhelming feeling was the austin faire was more craft oriented and “just…weirder.” well, yeah, that’s what we do in austin! they had shirts that said “make: austin weird” and they had no idea the shirts would sell out as soon as they did. silly, silly folks.

the only down side was that i got assigned to work the bookstore as my volunteer shift (to get in for free). at first, i thought this was the perfect position- i got to work inside, away from all the kicked up dust that gave me multiple asthma attacks the day before (just like a nerd…), and out of the heat. plus, i was surrounded by books! after a little while, i realized my folly. i was surrounded by corporate lackeys and not artsy folks! plus, i was reminded once again that in general, employed folks hate volunteer people. why?? they get breaks, perks, not to mention money, and i’m there out of the goodness of my heart (and for free shwag), never getting any breaks, on my damn feet for nine hours straight. grrr… next year, i’m going to ask to be put with a craft person, or volunteer directly with someone. the upside of all this was that the head bookstore person did know how hard i worked, so he let me get some free books and shirts for free. woohoo! all in all, between volunteering and everything, i ended up with three t-shirts (all free), seven books (four from my dad, three from volunteering) and one felting kit.

i cannot wait until next year! all day today, when people on the bus were jerks, or people in the pharmacy ignored me for forEVER, i just thought back to maker faire and all the amazing people i met. my new mantra will be “i wish i were at maker faire!”


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