list of crafts i wanna do

October 21, 2008 at 9:02 pm (crafts, life in general)

’cause if i don’t write it down, i might see something shiny and then totally forget about it…

-try some needlefelting! here’s the inspiration. i saw her stuff at maker faire, teehee! (side note: i bet needle felting would be great for cat toys…)

-make some sock buddies. (inspiration, acquired at maker faire)

-turn old toy accessories into random crazy jewelry, possibly to sell on my sad etsy.

-go wild with my new staple gun on some fabric and canvases, possibly to make a new earring rack…

-do more fancy embroidery, ala this book (also acquired at maker faire). not that i have ever learned a real embroidery stitch, but that’s beside the point…

-make some snarky book marks using patterns from this book (guess where i got it! that’s right, maker faire!) for coworkers

-convert dad’s khaki shorts to a fancy “everyday” kilt (we’ve been talking about me doing this for a while, but i saw a guy at maker faire with a kilt he had made from jeans. awesome!).

-get some tartan fabric to make dad a “going out” kilt

-find some plastic and make some shrinky dink stuff!

-finish the blanket i started knitting (on a loom) using my birthday yarn. so far i have finished one square out of sixteen…

-with yee yee, make quilt for mama yee yee.

-figure out what, if anything, i’ll make coworkers for xmas this year. last year it was necklaces, but we’ll see.

-make some felt appliqué style pins

-try my hand at making own notepads, ala this crafty lady.

-make and mail crafts to those buds of mine no longer in austin

not crafts, exactly, but related:

-figure out which austin craft store it was that gives you store credit for volunteering, and then do that.

-organize craft area better. every time i clean it, i then have an idea and it all goes to hell again.

-read craft mags

-find time to do all these things!!

ps- why won’t wordpress format properly so i get breaks between my paragraphs?!?!?! whatever.


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