context is important

October 24, 2008 at 11:17 pm (Uncategorized)

oh, moly. sometimes i think people need to take a break from their long time jobs and take some reality check classes. here’s a classic example (that just happened today):

a coworker and friend of mine has a blog. she uses it like i use mine- as a theraputic agent to work out the things that are bothering her. in one post, she mentions “so while i was cutting today i was thinking about this thing that happened.” some random person at work (hmm, who could it be?) sent that post to the boss, to work people, etc- who then interrogated the poor girl, and took her to the dean. not only that, but people who were not certified to do so told her to quit school, and give up on her dreams to be a doctor.

here’s the kicker: SHE WAS TALKING ABOUT WORK. NOT SUICIDE. SHE CUTS BRAINS. THAT’S WHAT “WHILE I WAS CUTTING” MEANT. AS IN “WHILE I WAS CUTTING BRAINS FOR WORK.” of course. no one bothers to put what she said into context. no one bothers to listen to people’s defenses when they are accused of random, pointless stuff. it seems like people have their minds made up when they bring people in for “discussions” on things like this. same for students, same for techs.

in good news, good things may happen next week. we’ll see. here’s a fun picture to make people happy (namely, me and the said student): it’s a pic of me from undergrad! so young, so innocent, so happy!

haha, so funny! this is from when i worked in the plant lab. fun, fun.

must go rest, have to clean dad’s floors tomorrow…


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  1. E said,

    Not again!

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