holy moly!

October 19, 2008 at 7:33 am (Uncategorized)

how did my humble, rant-filled blog end up with almost 100 hits yesterday?? i am overwhelmed, flattered, and slightly suspicious…

in other news, Maker Faire  is this weekend, woohoo! i spent yesterday perusing the overstimulating madness, and today i’m volunteering for eight hours. i have no idea what they’ll have me do, but hopefully it’ll involved sitting and chatting with other austin craft nuts like me.

pictures and videos later!


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October 13, 2008 at 6:59 pm (life in general, rants)


seriously, my boss is insane. i really, really must leave lab, as soon as freakin’ possible. i spent this year working my freakin’ ass off for her, working 80 hour weeks and taking no vacations, while the students around me did whatever they wanted and took weeks off at a time. i did my damn best to run the lab so that it worked smoothly and everyone was happy, while she basically told everyone in lab to ignore everything i said (i happen to know she didn’t pay any attention to the stuff i set up in lab, even when she told me to do it). i finally, FINALLY take a vacation and come back to a boss that does her best to avoid me, even face to face, then sends me a jerky passive aggressive email saying that something i brought up at lab meeting the day before my vacation, over a week ago, was an outburst, when in actuality it was just some uncomfortable lab business.  she is so damn busy trying to make sure everyone is always so happy and no one feels uncomfortable, even when they are WRONG, that lab is running out of control. her excuse is that she wants to be fair to everyone. everyone but ME! i ALWAYS end up taking up the slack for lazy students. i ALWAYS have to hear the ‘you’re so mean’ bullshit lectures, when all i am is informative. ever since my boss came back from her MONTH LONG VACATION, she’s been tearing everything i do apart. i cannot do the job she wants me to do if every time i do it, i have to worry if she’s going to come back and bite me on the ass about it.

i also KNOW that part of this is because of one stupid grad student who is trying to cover her own unprofessional, snooty, passive aggressive ass by blaming everything that goes wrong in lab on me. hey e, know who i’m talking about???

I CANNOT HANDLE THIS ANY MORE. i have applied to several ridiculous administrative positions at my university, because i need to leave this position. i hate people who harp on and on about being ‘fair’ to everyone, but are total hypocrites. SHE CAN F*CKING SUCK IT.

how’s that for an outburst, huh??? shall we set a little meeting to ‘discuss’ it, like we did the ‘incident’ where i almost died in lab? hmm?? where all you do is defend your bad choices and refuse to let me defend myself?

there goes all the relaxation i sucked up on vacation. in good news, i also applied for a position working as program coordinator for the austin side of the grad school where i went. the good news is that it is an easy job and pays more than i get now, and doesn’t involved chopping the heads off poor defenseless rats (which is what i had to do today-welcome back to lab, meg!). the bad news is that it doesn’t start ’til jan. also, i only just applied today and haven’t interviewed or anything. maybe i can refrain from going too nuts and not screw up my chances to get this job…but, with my boss being who she is, i don’t know about that…

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booze and a staple gun

October 12, 2008 at 7:16 pm (life in general, Uncategorized)

friday was my birthday-woohoo! i usually take some time during my birthday to reflect and blog, but friday was just too crazy and i spent yesterday recovering. in a good way. yee yee and a friend of ours from work crashed my birthday lunch with the boy to bring me a birthday tiara, wand and sash, and we got the whole restuarant to sing for me-awesome! yee yee and i then hung out and drove around austin for a bit, one of my favorite things to do, before ending up at book people and emeralds, where we looked at books and random stuff, respectively. my dad gave me two different kinds of fancy alcohol (’cause i don’t ever buy my own booze, and i was recently complaining that moon knocked my bottle of rum off the counter and it shattered into a million pieces, one of which i stepped on later) and a staple gun (hence the title), which i am very excited about. i do not promise that i will never combine the two. i get creative at random times, so who knows what i’ll decide i have to staple under the influence of peach rum? i already have some ideas…

i also got a $50 gift card for hobby lobby, which i totally used to buy fancy yarn. i felt like crap yesterday (there’s a cold trying its best to take over my brain) so i spent a quiet evening knitting with fancy bamboo yarn and watching weird tv. fabulous!

i don’t want my vacation to be over! there’s so much more slacking off i want to do! i never really cleaned my apartment like i wanted to, and now i have a staple gun and lots of yarn and so many ideas…stupid work.

and no, i didn’t get the damn river basin job. stupid jerks decided to go with someone else. apparently i am too sexy to work in water quality management. at least, that’s what i’m telling myself. i have no idea why i didn’t actually get hired. maybe because they suck. and are jerks. this is what i get for turning down the job i did get offered, huh? it’s ok, the search continues. i didn’t want to have to drive out to round rock every day anyway.

they can still suck it, though.

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October 8, 2008 at 11:08 am (cats, life in general)

in an effort to enjoy my vacation, i’m taking pictures of things i love and showing them off in this post. if i can’t go anywhere for my vacation, at least i can enjoy what i have!

(still no call on the job, by the way…dammit)

my favorite room in our apartment has to be the balcony- in the fall, at least. not so much in the summer- anyone from central or south texas knows what I’m talking about! i took some pics to show it off, since i just redecorated it (read: replaced all the dead plants with live ones that i hope i will remember to water). look at how pretty!


ok, well, it looks better in real life, really. and the chair is super, super comfy. and can you see the creepy awesome little gnome ball on the table? i love him. his name is george-the-creepy-gnome-ball-guy. there are also xmas lights all over the place (but tastefully!) that you can’t see in this picture, but they totally look cool. the cats appreciate the balcony, too:

in this photo, kiwi is trying to find dead leave to chomp on, while moon is planning her escape. see, the door to the right leads to stairs that connect to the main stairs leading to the ground (we’re on the third floor). no matter how many awful experiences moon has when she does manage to escape, like meeting dogs, other cats, babies, etc that all try to destroy her, she still tries like to crazy to escape as often as she can. hence the cardboard behind the plants- the screen that normally contains the balcony comes up on the edges, giving moon a perfect escape hatch (or, allowing other cats to come in and poop in the corner). so, when i’m on the balcony with the furballs, i have to watch moon to make sure she hasn’t found some other escape hatch that i didn’t think of and block. such a little furry pain in the butt. as for kiwi’s obsession with eating dead leaves…whatever. as long as he doesn’t get sick. he seems pretty happy, and i think really he just chews them ’cause he likes the crunch then spits them out. moon on the other hand likes to chew on the live aloe, and since i have no idea if that is bad for kitties or not, i have to restrain her when she gets in chompy moods. such a weird little cat.

anyway, the balcony is my favorite spot to read in the whole apartment- i still love my ebook reader, by the way! i take it and some coffee to the balcony, bring the cats if they are being good, listen to the birds and enjoy the weather while reading away. i can even convince myself that the highway i can hear sounds a little like the ocean. better than any coffee shop, let me tell you! i can be in my pjs, i never have to hope to get the best seat, since i always get it, and i can leave my laptop out when i want to go pee rather than packing it up and hauling it into the bathroom with me. plus no one talks to me! i hate it when i’m reading at a coffee shop or restuarant and someone asks “hey, what are you reading? let’s chat and make annoying conversation even though you are obviously not here to talk!” once some old texan guy walked past my table (back when i lived in port a) and said “watch out, you might expand your mind.” um, thanks buddy. this may come as a shock but lots of people i know, who are my age or younger, enjoy reading. get over your ‘my generation is totally smarter than yours’ attitude.

aaaaaanyway, i really need to do some crafting this week. i’ve been thinking about knitting a lot, possibly because i’ve rediscovered my yarn stash. anyone need a scarf? that’s about my skill level. i want to get one of those huge knitting looms and make a blanket or something…but that might require buying lots of expensive yarn. scarves only require two or three skeins, which is more what my attention span and budget can handle.

this is what kiwi (and probably everyone else) thinks of my knitting musings:

yes, well, shut it.

two more days ’til my birthday! i love birthdays!!! i love getting all the attention, and just the fact that i’m alive and was born is nice, too. plus 27 seems like it’ll be a pretty sexy year. i love spoiling people on their birthdays, and always hope someone will spoil me on mine. that hasn’t really happened since my 18th birthday, but i keep hoping. i’ll blog about my best birthday ever later in the week, i think. we’ll see. now, it’s time to read!

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October 7, 2008 at 5:21 pm (Uncategorized)

i hate interviews. i had my followup interview with the river basin people and i left feeling like i was totally crap. the interview guy was this huge, texan rancher lookin’ guy, with a big yosemite sam type mustache. he asked questions like “if you have a mentor, what qualities does that person have that you want to emulate?” and “what is your five year plan?” um… well, i know what i don’t want to emulate- i hate bosses who want everyone to like them, to the point of not getting the job done. in my case, i always end up with the extra crap that other people should be doing, but the boss doesn’t want people to not like her, so she makes me do it. that’s basically how i answered the question. as for my five year plan? i couldn’t exactly be truthful and say, “i want this job for the salary so i can buy a house and maybe have a kid” now could i? i said some nonsense about loving to be a lab manager and wanting to do it forever. that’s pretty true, i guess, but sounds crap. so now i wait to see what they decide. the dude said he had to interview people all day, then talk to the other person i interviewed with and they’d make a decision. i should hear back soon…right? gah, i don’t feel good about this one.

i neeeeeeeed this job. i gotta get out of my current lab. i’m not even going to work this week but i am still hearing about the drama going on. i want to work with grown ups! i don’t want to work with students anymore! or maybe i just don’t want to work with the students in my lab any more. i’m way tired of over entitled egos and self esteem crises. it took me ages and several traumatic experiences to get to who i am now, and seeing people sabotage themselves for people who don’t give a crap about them makes me depressed. why can’t they see that in the big picture, that the bullies in college don’t matter?? why can’t people stand up for themselves, and on the flip side, why can’t people in power investigate and get the whole story before judging their employees? gah, i cannot stand my lab.

in other news, the boy and i have wedding rings now! yay! we’re still not officially married, but i feel like we are now for some reason. so i really need this job so i can save money to help him go to art school.

gah, hurry up and make a decision, river basin people! i hate waiting!

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vacation! part 1

October 5, 2008 at 2:04 pm (life in general)

oh my moly, i’m on vacation! for the first time since february, i’m taking more than one day off with out being deathly ill. i’m off ’til the 13th…ah….

so, Stuff has been Happening. when last our heroine (that’s me) blogged, she had interviewed with a jerk prof,  had been doused in chemicals and subsequently exposed to more of said chemicals by boss (grrr), and had applied to a couple regulatory jobs. since then:

1) i got the job with the jerk prof

2) i turned down the job with the jerk prof- the justifications being that a) he’s a jerk, b), i’d have to kill lots of mice at that job, c) though it pays more than my current job, it’s still not great pay, and d) he’s a jerk.

3) i applied for a couple more regulatory jobs, one with the tranportation people (why do they need an environmental biologist?) and one with a river basin association

4) three days after applying with the river basin people, they called me in for an interview

5) the interview went really, really well and i’m scheduled for a second interview with them this upcoming tuesday

6) i started reading jasper fforde’s thursday next books- holy crap, they’re good!

and now, i’m sitting out on my balcony with the cats, enjoying the almost-but-not-quite cool weather (hey, at least it’s in the 90s and not the 100s!). the cats love smelling everything, i love my balcony chair (it’s an old wooden armchair that we’ve had probably since i was born and i love it), and there’s a little bit of a breeze. plus, i get to ignore all work emails for a whole week! life sucks much less than normal right now…

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