stuff might be happening…

November 4, 2008 at 7:15 pm (jinxing myself)

so, last week i mentioned that good things might happen this week, and they may indeed be happening. i got a call yesterday from a biotech company who wanted me to interview with them. that interview happened this morning and had to be the most fun interview i’ve ever had. i interviewed with three different people, and instead of this being super intimidating it was great. one of the ladies actually used to be a tech in the lab next door to me, even! so, she totally knew where i was coming from. all i have to do now is write up a presentation to “teach” them (it’s a training position) and then wait for a call from them…cross your fingers!!

on the way home from this interview, i got another call from another job, who is going to set up a phone interview with me sometime next week (so the big boss can be in on it). holy crap! exciting things are finally happening to me!!


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