la la la…

November 11, 2008 at 10:58 am (work shmork)

i so don’t care about work anymore… i have a follow up interview/presentation for a job next monday, and three craft projects to finish by friday, and two cute cats to cuddle with, and, um, everything else in life that i’d rather be doing than working. but, i’m a professional tech, i do my job with integrity, even if i’d rather be elsewhere. so here i am at work, blogging while i wait for a new batch of rats to come in…i can’t wait ’til i don’t have to deal with rats any more. since working in this lab, i’ve developed a serious allergy to them. not to mention the fact that i actually really like the little guys- they are super cute and have distinct little personalities. stupid science. i felt the same way about the stingrays i had to use for my masters- they are super pretty and amazing animals if you look at their physiology, behavior and evolutionary history. of course, we wouldn’t know that with out doing science on ’em, so it’s a great big catch 22. story of my life.

i have some lovely new pictures to post, but sadly they are on my poopy old camera, which has an ancient memory card so i need to find my converter first. poop. in good news, i learned how to needle felt! exciting!! so far i’ve only done applique (i.e. felted felt to wool), but it is super fun. had a bad day? go stab the crap out of some wool! of course, don’t go too crazy- the first time i tried to needle felt i broke three needles at once. awesome. thank goodness joanns stays open late…

sigh, time to go organize new rats…


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