spanking the bottle

November 18, 2008 at 12:22 pm (hero worship, work shmork)

i bitch about my job a lot, but i actually work with some funny people. we talk about vaginas and poop a lot. we have so many weird, random conversations, many initiated by me or yee yee, but sadly i can never remember the whole conversation or i’d post it here for all to enjoy. like the title of this post. it refers to how one of the students was trying to consolidate two bottles of purell into one, and was making crazy noises while doing so. then someone that may or may have not been me mentioned how she was busy spanking her bottle. merely a small nugget from the goodness that is our lab. i know you are jealous. sometimes we work, too.

thanks to me, several of us are now obsessed with the bloggess, who is basically my hero. seriously. sorry, bloggess, but that’s just how it goes. my assistant now goes around muttering “my vulva is too boxy” and i love it. the people in lab who haven’t read the bloggess yet are dirty heathens but not in a fun way just think we’re being weirder than normal, which is fine. weirdness is all relative, anyway.



  1. Jenny, Bloggess said,

    You totally need to fix your priorities. Firemen are heroes. I’m a destructive force that causes rust. Or maybe that’s sea water. I always get us confused.

  2. dasyatis said,

    Ah, but I was a marine biologist for a while and I love sea water. So there you go. No getting out of it.

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