listfully blogging…and some other stuff

November 26, 2008 at 11:53 am (Uncategorized)

I heart Seriously people, check it out. If you like making lists as much as I do, rather than actually doing work, it is the place for you.


By the way, how come we get the ugliest possum in the US? If you look at possums from other countries, they are cute. (Also, you know how people look like their pets sometimes? Well, this guy looks like an opossum. Not helping the ‘possums aren’t ugly cause, there, buddy). What selective pressure could there have been in North America vs. the rest of the world that would’ve lead to super ugly rat things thriving in one place, while super cuddly looking popple looking things thrive in another, even though they are all closely related? Things like this keep me up at night, people.


For today being the day before a holiday, there sure are a lot of people at work. I have to keep my blogging sly so no one notices I’m not actually working…not that they notice when I am working. And technically I’m waiting on an incubation, so I am working. And speaking of working, I’m owed, I don’t know, 100 hours of overtime, which I’m finally going to get paid out…some day. Human resources has been sitting on it for over a month now. Every time I call them, I get “well, we have assigned that to (some person), but they are on vacation this week. Call back next week.” Then, when I call the following week, the case has been assigned to another person who is on vacation. ARGH. That’s my xmas money, people! Right now everyone I know is getting a hug for xmas from me, ’cause that’s as much as I can afford. This is why I hate working for a huge university- it just doesn’t care about the individual. Why should it? There’s plenty more where you came from! Every time I’ve had to deal with a department like HR, anyone in the health services, financial aid, etc., I get an overwhelming feeling of “yeah, we don’t care about you, so bugger off”. I HATE IT. I’m more than just a statistic, people. When I was first being diagnosed with depression, a few weeks after my mom died horribly, the school psych that I saw wanted to write me off right away as just another stupid student who didn’t really understand how hard school was- with out even knowing what I was going through. When I was an undergrad and living on my student loan money, the financial aid office didn’t care when my checks were months late at a time- what’s one more starving student? Now I’m even less of an issue to the university- I’m just staff (not faculty). No one gives a crap about staff. Got a grievence? Work it out with your boss, we dont’ mediate. Are you owed 185793503 hours of overtime because your boss doesn’t understand how the system works? Well, maybe we’ll fix it when we’re back from vacation- which is never. Hate working for us? WELL TOO BAD! No one else will hire you because you are too educated for a real job, and your credit sucks because you took out too many loans and credit cards in college and grad school! GAH!

Not that I am bitter or anything.


Tonight I begin an epic microscopy session, involving me being locked in a dark closet for at least 8 hours straight. Fun! Well, the fact that we’ll have real data really is fun, but the fact that I’ll be locked in a dark closet for hours on end is less fun. I had planned to start this run on Friday, and bring my pc so I could watch movies and stuff, but if I do it today I might not have to work so much this weekend, so that is good. Plus I have my ebook reader, so I can read like crazy in between squinting down the occulars. I’m all aquiver with anticipation…oh, wait, no, that’s just, well, nothing. Expect some epic blogging, people!


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