Laura R, this is all your fault.

December 9, 2008 at 9:34 pm (cats, crafts, just pure awesome)

But what a cute fault it is…

img_5224We (by which I mean “I”) were going for the sexy-or-at-least-cute bow tie look but somehow got the super geek look instead. He looks like we just interrupted him while he was organizing his pocket protector. For my next handmade cat project, I plan on making him his very own snuggie (warning: the site talks!). Because the snuggie is just that awesome. Every person and their cat need to have something in their wardrobe that looks like wizard pajamas. Also, wouldn’t “Gandalf’s pajamas” be an awesome band name??

(also, pay no attention to the crazy unorganized bookshelves and closet…)



  1. SELENAAAAA!!!!!! said,

    OH EM GEE, that kitty is way too cute to be yours.

    so i just realized that when i thought you had died from a work-related injury (ie overworking making your head explode) i should have just checked your blog because i come here and BAM, there’s a million new blogs that scream “I’M ALIVE AND I LOVE YOU!” Well, more like two that modestly mumble ‘i, meg, am the shit’, but same diff, right?

    moop, i got a new jacket!

    this is more email news than posting on your blog news, but i’m so tired and braindead from writing that paper into the wee hours of the morning (hello, 3am!) that i’m not even going to make an effort to open up my email. in fact, i’m too tired to even press the submit button, hence me rambling on like the loser that i am.

    SQWANK! .:. consider yourself goosed….

  2. The person responsible for this said,

    Sorry Kiwi, ok, not really.
    I have a cat hat, a frog, he could model too.

    I wonder what his impact factor would be….

  3. Jessica said,

    Um…is that my bookshelf? Is that my room? Seriously….our bookshelves could be twins. Also, this is the second cat post I’ve come across in a row…it’s like they’re following me…sort of…but not really.

  4. Overeducated Twit said,

    Heheh. The cat does look like uber-dorky. Cute, though.

    And, sorry, but I can’t ignore bookshelves–I can only make out a couple Terry Pratchett books–niiiice.

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