evolution of madness

January 3, 2009 at 9:11 am (blog-a-day!, life in general)

My place of employment gives us an automatic vacation for two weeks over the holidays- whether we really want it or not. This may sound crazy, since some people beg for the holidays off, but right when the vacation started this year (or last year, rather), I was right in the middle of a big time experiment. I’m not allowed to get overtime, so that means the big time experiment has to be put on hold until next week- a month after I had hoped to do it. Whatever.

Anyway, the point of this is that I’ve been off of work for almost two weeks, with no real morning obligations…which means the boy and I have been sleeping in. Every day. Until at least noon. Part of this is because we both had the current killer cold going around, but mostly it is because we’re lazy. Or rather, we have lots of hobbies that keep us up late at night (I’m talking about his arts and my crafts, you dirty, dirty people). So we stay up ’til 3, sleep ’til noon, almost naturally it seems. By my calculations, that means we really ought to be living somewhere west of California, if we want our natural sleep patterns to line up with normal working hours. So, since we live in Austin and not in the Pacific Ocean, I have to do something to get my sleep cycle back on track- only nothing is working so far. I’ve tried just going to bed at a more normal time- fail. I’ve tried sleep aids, to help me go to sleep at a normal time- also fail. I’ve tried going to bed whenever, and getting up at a normal time- super fail. Crap.

So in my brilliance, I have decided the only thing left to do is just stay up all damn night, all the following day, and then go to bed at a relatively normal time- at which point I will be so exhausted from staying up 36 hours that I should have no trouble going to sleep. I’ve now stayed up for the whole night and am attempting not to be tempted by the bed…I could just crawl in, curl around a cat, and take a little nap, right?

NO! Must stay awake for another 12 hours, at least!

So what shall I do? I get all twitchy when I haven’t slept right in a while, and I can feel that starting to come on. Well, I’ve got several seasons of CSI: New York queued up to watch on my Netflix- I’m currently obsessed with that show, thanks to some random marathon of it that I watched over my vacation (mmm-mm, pretty nerd boys…)- lots of coffee ready to brew, two big ol’ books waiting to be read, and several craft projects to work on while I wait until I go totally crazy and pass out. I’ve tried sewing while drunk with not-so-great results, I wonder if I should attempt sewing while fatigued? The good news for you, my 8 random readers, is that I will probably blog several times, and each post will get slightly more crazy.

By the way, I have excited news…. I’M GONNA BE AN AUNT!! Officially!! My brother’s fiancee is pregnant, so everyone think good thoughts for them. Not only is this super exciting for them, but my brother having babies means that I don’t have to!! My evolutionary prerogative to spread my genes is fulfilled! Since my offspring would only get 50% of my genes, and my niece/nephew will also share 50% of my genes, I am OFF THE HOOK. Also, I don’t care if that is wrong, mathematically, so back off evolutionary bio people. I’m a theory girl, not a math person, and it sounds right to me. Now I can focus on my crippling debt instead…hooray?

In other, totally random news, I have inherited a veritable buttload of vintage Barbie clothes, some of which are posted to my Flickr account, and I have no idea what to do with them. I kinda want to frame the really crazy awesome pieces, but what about the rest? Maybe I could sew them onto fabric and make a quilt? This needs more pondering, and I am too sleep-crazy for heavy thinking right now. Time to watch some mind numbing tv!


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