dear universe,

January 8, 2009 at 10:14 pm (blog-a-day!, continuing depression, jinxing myself, life in general)

I hate you. Even after you continue to take those I love from me, at least I had pictures to remember them by- which I have to have, because you also think it’s funny that I have a really awful memory. And then what do you do? You destroy my relatively new back up hard drive. All my pictures are lost, or at least a great number of them, along with my ebooks, music, comics, and all my masters work. Not only that, but my soul is wearing thin for all the rejection letters I keep getting from jobs. There is only so much “you’re great but we have some one better” I can take, even if it is just a form letter. Plus, I found out today the boy is ready to grab his stuff and leave me as soon as there is sign of trouble between us, without a second thought.

So, universe, just back the fuck off. Why are you suck a fucking bully? LEAVE ME ALONE.


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