dear universe,

January 19, 2009 at 9:23 pm (dear universe, work shmork) (, )

Ok, universe, the last of my interviews from my mad application flurry is tomorrow, so let’s try to get this one right, hmm?

Actually, I’ve basically given up on the job market. I’m going to work in ratty hell for the rest of my life, or at least until my boss retires. Then I’m extra screwed. The good news is that she’ll probably never retired, because she keeps getting tons of awards and grants and stuff. The bad news is that my rat allergy seems to be even more powerful than most of my allergy meds- the exception being benedryl, but my boss tends to appreciate me more when I am actually awake at work…

I decided it might be a good idea to look up the details for the job I’m interviewing for tomorrow (because seriously, there have been a millions it seems, which in real life numbers is 50), and found out it’s actually a job I would enjoy- environmental specialist agent- which of course means I totally won’t get it. Way to think positive, me! But really, would it end up being a job where I start out totally loving it, and then end up being totally disillusioned by society through it? Probably.

Think good thoughts for me anyways, universe! It makes me sad that I can’t hang out with the cool people at work because the less cool people then bitch about it to the boss, who them writes me up as being “unprofessional” for no real reason! Plus this job involves exercise, which I need!


PS. I can’t figure out either how to turn categories off or how to take off the tags I tried out, so instead it looks like I am stupid or OCD or something. Whatever. Really I’m just too lazy to look it up.



  1. Claire Smith said,

    I like your blog, which means I’d probably like you (if you exist in real life at all).

    You have cats, plural. I appreciate.

    You paint the cats. I appreciate.

    You have many many books. I am many many jealous.

    I am happy I have found a new blog to follow 🙂

  2. Claire Smith said,

    I think I’m probably a robot sheep (one zero zero zero one one zero zero – uh, baaaaaaah!).

    Unfortunately we are ‘townies’ so not really that into sheep. I never had a pet one, or took one to school on pet day or anything. I do love a good lamb chop or too though…

    But for the record I can’t offer any guarantees what my brother has done or not done with any sheepses. But he’s not into fat chicks, so that probably rules out most sheepies.

    Why is your cat called Kiwi? Is it because he’s a ‘fruit’?

    My cat Holmes thinks he’s american. He ‘rowls’ with a southern drawl.

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