false advertisement

January 20, 2009 at 3:38 pm (jinxing myself, work shmork)

So, while the rest of the world watched Obama get inaugurated (OBAMAAAAAA!!!!),  I went to my interview today…and the job is all about cleaning transformers! And not even cool robot transformers, but super scary and electrified, PCB-filled transformers. I don’t want to do that! Why didn’t they say that in the damn job posting?? Not only that, but I’d be one of only three women in the whole damn company- and when I was told this, I was also told “oh, and one is a retiree…” Well, then, she doesn’t count, does she, since she’s not working there any more! Plus for all my love of cake, I am still a tiny delicate girl compared to the huge bulky dudes who interviewed me. Not that I couldn’t totally do and rock that job, but I’m trying to get a more respectable (read: clean) job, not an even dirtier one.

So now the question becomes: if they for some reason decide to offer me the job, and at a few more bucks an hour than I make now, will I take it? Hmm… Well, I’m pretty sure this won’t come up, so I don’t have to worry about it. Why? ‘Cause no one wants to hire me! Sigh…

PS. I hate the dentist. Seriously. I have a blinding fear of going to dentists that started when I was 7 and had to get a root canal. Every time I go the dentist says “oh, you have bone spurs under your gum line…hm, maybe we should do something about it” and I say “NO! Just fix the cavity and clean my teeth, please” because like hell will I let those sadists mess up my mouth any more, and also I love candy.


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  1. Jesica (Hey Lola) said,

    I think if the word “transformers” is going to be in a job listing, then those people have an obligation to provide a cool job…with transformers that transform from one awesome thng into another awesome thing…not, like…regular transformers. Who the hell wants to work with those? Nobody, that’s who. Lame.

    Also, if they offer you the job you should ask them when you get to work with the “real transformers”…then you should wink at them. I mean…unless you decide you want the job. Then probably you shouldn’t do any of that.

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