my apartment is making weird noises…

January 27, 2009 at 10:02 pm (about books, i'm too old to be a fangirl but...)

…and I think it’s because I’m moving books from one room to another, several bookshelves at a time. So now my apartment floor is readjusting to the redistribution of weight, you see. Thus the strange noises. Right? Or monsters. Whatever, as long as it isn’t rats- one of my rats totally gave me what was coming to me today by biting the #$*$%&#) out of my finger at work today. And I say I deserve it because, um, well, I figure whenever the rats bite me that hey, good for them! Bite the man! And at work, I am the man to the rats. Right? No, it must be monsters as well.

Aaaaanyway, my brain is full of crazy because I’ve been moving my two overloaded fiction bookshelves out of my work/bed room and into the relatively empty living room, effectively covering the fireplace (that I never use and I actually worry the cats poop in) and opening up much needed space in my bedroom. While moving books is always a pain, organizing books has to be one of my most favorite things ON THE PLANET OR ANYWHERE ELSE. Not only do I get a chance to just look at and handle all my books, but I get to see what books I really need to reread. Sometimes I discover books that I bought but never read due to some distraction or another. I love it!!

Now I have to decide if I want to read Neil Gaiman’s American Gods or Neverwhere first. I loved both of those books the first time I read them, and I desperately want to read them again. The question is, which first. American Gods left me with a feeling of “Oh.” while Neverwhere left me feeling “Ah..”, but the journeys to each conclusion were epic. I actually think I’ll read American Gods first, but I sent the amazing Mr. Gaiman a Twitter to get his opinion. If he responds I will totally squeal like a little fan girl, I have to admit.

Off to read…even though I haven’t even finished putting all my books away…


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