dear who ever searched and found my blog with the phrase "my mom thinks a marine biologist is a stupid career"

January 30, 2009 at 9:52 am (just pure awesome, weirdness abounds)

I just want to say that marine biology is the shit. Of all the scientists I’ve known, they are the most laid back. Half your freakin’ career is spent doing what other people pay tons of money to do and only do a few times in their life (that is, taking cruises and living on the beach)!! So do it. There is a point where you have to do things for yourself and just roll your eyes at the nay sayers. Trust me on this.

Also, to the person who searched and found me with the terms “impromptu bookcase”: I’m sorry I was probably totally not what you were looking for, but wouldn’t “Impromptu Bookcases” be a kick ass band name??


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