February 2, 2009 at 1:31 pm (Uncategorized)

take a gander at my profile pic! i have chopped all my hair off! what inspired this madness, you ask? i honestly have no idea. i’ve wanted to get the guts to cut off a large amount of hair for a long time now, but the one time i cut my hair short (back in high school, 9th grade, i think) it pretty much turned right in to a big ole mushroom ‘fro. this time around, i figured i understood hair products better so maybe i can prevent the ‘fro-itude. plus, this time i got sweet layers put in.

anyway, the other exciting thing in my life (and possibly the inspiration for my haircut) is the fact that after being told that i have a symptom of diabetes (acathosis nigricans, look it up) it turns out my blood sugar is fine. so are my hormone levels and kidney and liver proteins. i wasn’t able to get off my antidepressants, though. the side effects are seriously awful, and i just don’t have the time to take off from work and sit at home for a week with a mind boggling headache. ah, well. my first thought was that i failed at getting off of them, but really, it’s not my fault my brain chemistry is the way it is- sometimes human physiology just needs a little tweak, and if a simple medication can achieve this, so much the better.

ok. must sleep. my stupid sleep patterns have been off this week because i had to give a presentation at work (which ended up sucking, oh well). more info later…on what, though, i have no idea. maybe cool pics from eeyore’s or pecan street festival…

R. Iosifovna said…

Yay for chopping of your hair! It’s much easier to control then long hair (well, with exception of the mushroom head effect). Plus you save up to 10% of shower time!


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