dasyatis designs!

February 2, 2009 at 1:31 pm (Uncategorized)

hey bloggies! i finally gave into the debt and made my own craft shop on etsy!! go now and peruse! i don’t have much up right now, but the inventory will increase in time…

dasyatis designs

tell your friends and family and even your enemies! beads and clay stuff and more, eventually!

Gayan Balasooriya said…

I have come to ur blog and it seems kool.
And please visit my blog —gayanOnLine— also.Thank You.

megan said…

for shame, gayan spambot, for shame! how did you get past the authentication? and what, because you mispelled a word i’m supposed to believe you’re a real person? for shame!

spacedi said…

Hello. I am very interested in the stuff on your blog. This is the Diana-bot. She does not misspell words or use contractions. Gayan-bot has been terminated. (said in my best Schwarzenegger voice).


megan said…

Diana-bot- beep bop beep! (and other various robot noises!)


Lily said…

megan! put up some of those nifty necklaces i know you’ve made…i’m waiting! another suggestion…i like the ones where you have a picture of the earring in your ear…it’s good to get an idea of size…good job! and a questions:
1. can i pay for them in person or do i have to order them to be delivered? (since i’m local)


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