waiting on inspectors

February 2, 2009 at 1:31 pm (Uncategorized)

so, our lab gets inspected by the animal people today…that is, by the committee that makes sure we are following our protocols to the letter and while doing so, not harming our animals more than necessary. and, as lab manager/technician/research assistant/what-the-heck-ever,
i’m the one they will be questioning if something doesn’t seem right. fabulous. though it already feels like i’ve been here 392458530 years (in a good way), the truth is i’ve only been in this lab about a month and a half, and my brain has been crammed so full of information that facts keep falling out of my head. for example, somehow i completely forgot that one of our grad students is a vegetarian- now i’m worried i might have offered her meat at one time or another, and offended her. with my vegetarian advisor, it was easy to remember that he didn’t eat meat- he lectured us whenever we went out to eat!


so, the inspectors came by as i was blogging- and the funny thing is that my boss’s husband was on the committee. and the man hassled us! he asked all th


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