on the relativity of reality

February 3, 2009 at 3:42 pm (reality is not for me)

Sometimes I get so lost in my thoughts and memories that when I come back to real life, I’m not only surprised at how dull it is (it’s like my brain is in technicolor and real life is in black and white), but where I am at the time. Fortunately the more normal part of my brain keeps me working while I’m lost in my musings- after all, how much concentration do I need to label tubes? When I was in class and had to take notes, even when I’d be falling asleep I’d still be able to take notes. Are most people’s brains partitioned like this? I know it’s a big deal in the Sword of Truth books (of which I am only on book 3, so NO SPOILERS). Not that I’m complaining.


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