February 23, 2009 at 12:56 pm (art?)

Everyone should do this. Here is my blog as a word cloud:

Not as satisfying as smashing clay representations of your stressors, but definitely interesting!



  1. Kurt said,

    I just did this and the only big words that weren’t “like”, “totally” and “pretty” were “Bears” and “glitter”. I hate what this says about me and how closely it resembles the inner machinations of my mind.

    • M said,

      I am surprised bathrobe and pants weren’t big words!

  2. Vic said,

    I did it too, and was going to put it on my blog but I was on an Apple, and I forgot how to work those, apparently.

    My big words were shepherdess, pretty, chicken, and always in big letters, BULL.

    I don’t remember writing about a bull. Is Wordle editorializing?

  3. Steam Me Up, Kid said,

    My wordle had a giant BLACKHEAD in the middle. Which grossed me out, so I didn’t post it. Also, I felt Wordle was cruelly mocking my occasional battles with adult acne. Ef you, Wordle.

    • M said,

      Ick!! I wouldn’t have either. Also thank you for not punching me. Especially not in my (adult) pimple. Seriously, isn’t this acne stuff supposed to be over when we graduate from high school?? Uncool, face, uncool.

  4. Steam Me Up, Kid said,

    What does Tina Fey say on 30 Rock? Anti-aging acne treatment?

    Sometimes I have a zit that fills in a wrinkle though. That works out nicely.

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