I disturb myself

March 18, 2009 at 7:38 pm (thoughts and musings)

Dang it. This is what, according to Wordle, I’ve talked about the most in recent posts:
wordle-318While I’m not surprised “vagina” made it up there, it saddens me that “like” and “totally” are both big words. Is it because I was a child in the 80s? Or something more sinister, such as bad grammar fairies that live in my walls and come out at night to whisper badly formed sentences into my ear until my brain is filled with nothing but?

Dang it again. Now, instead of dutifully studying physics, I want to create grammar fairies out of polymer clay (have you seen my billy goat? He protects me from blog trolls!). And then smash them.

Physics must come first…there will be plenty of time for productive metaphor creations when I am certified to teach teenagers about work and energy and angular momentum…



  1. Kurt said,

    “Like” and “totally” are pretty much the only words I ever type besides “pretty” and “much”. We are the wordsmiths.

  2. Vic said,

    Add “probably” to the above list, and you’ve written my next blog post.

  3. Prosy said,

    I like this juxtaposition of rat and brain. Rat brain seems like an insult that I am going to enjoy using today.

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