March 25, 2009 at 5:15 pm (i'm too old to be a fangirl but..., insomnia, just pure awesome, life in general, teach this!)

Things I should be doing:
1. Preparing for my teaching test (bleh)
2. Cleaning (bleeeeh)
3. Planning experiments (meh)
4. Writing protocols for my eventual departure from the lab (BLEEEH)

What I am actually doing:
1). Reading Lucy Knisley’s comics. I followed a link about her on BoingBoing because she has the same last name as my best friend from middle school (Hello, Annick? Hello?) but now I am hooked, she is crazy amazing. And her assessment of the Twilight “books” are spot on.
2). Watching Spaced. Best. Show. Ever.
3). Thinking about how to design my wedding dress. But wait! It’s going to be a long She-ra dress with a rip away skirt so that I am left with a mini skirt bottom in case monsters attack or I need to dance! It’s going to be kickass.
4). Assessing the pros and cons of taking a nap so late in the day.

Gah! Must study!!



  1. persephoneblck said,

    Damn now I like her comics too. And I think the cartoon version of her looks like you.

  2. Kurt said,

    I love spaced. Tim is my hero. Mostly because he ended up being Shaun in Shaun of the Dead. I don’t think anything says classy like the words “Tear away”.

  3. Steam Me Up, Kid said,

    I think your priorities are exactly where they should be. Hello? Nap time? That’s #1 in my book, before food or checking facebook or anything.

    Also, when I read all 4 Twilights, I went into a coma and didn’t come out for days. My marriage suffered, my health, my pets, my family life. But it was totally worth it. Because now I’m all cougary for teenage vampire boys. Rerr!!


    Bee Eff Eff Eff

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