overload imminent

March 26, 2009 at 8:29 pm (Uncategorized)

Oh moly, I am going to go crazy (by which I mean more so than normal and not in the fun way) soon. I’ve already worked 40 hours this week and it’s only Thursday, and I have a 15 hour day of experiments tomorrow, then my practice fancy teaching content test Saturday morning (so no sleeping in, sadness), followed by another 12 hour day of experiments on Sunday. Gah. The good news is that once this project is done I (HOPEFULLY) will be done with overtime in this lab forever. Let’s cross our fingers, people!

In other news, I’ve been staring at this fox head I made a while back for some time now, because I can’t decide what to do with it yet…
img_1149bObviously he needs eyes and a body, and the plan is to use some of the massive stash of vintage Barbie clothes that I inherited, but how? Should I go buy lots of dolls from Goodwill and use them? That seems neat and easiest, but then I’ll be left with a ton of creepy doll heads, and I can’t just throw something like that out, what if I need them to make art some day? Another option is to make bodies out of cloth, but for some reason even though I was able to put together this complicated head, the idea of making a body seems too much…

All of this is completely irrelevant, of course, because I need to go to bed! I must catch up on my sleep in preparation for the next few days…



  1. Vic said,

    Hang in there!
    I left something for you on my blog – stop by and pick it up? Have a great weekend!

  2. diane said,

    I would do something with it quick, before it winds up as target practice. You could always make a “shrunken head” necklace out of the doll heads.

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