March 29, 2009 at 10:51 am (Uncategorized)

Holy crap! The uber-awesome Vic has given my silly little blog an award!!


And I didn’t have to beg or anything! My day has been substantially brightened!

Part of the award entails passing it on to five more fancy bloggers (like a chain letter, or possibly herpes), which I have to admit was a challenging task for me…the people I would give this to were either also awarded by Vic (e.g. my BFBFF (best fucking blog friend forever), Steamy Becky) so I would feel like a chump giving them the same award, or are people whose blogs I lurk on but haven’t commented on yet (I’m shy!), or are people who probably would not respect an award with a bow in it, unless that bow were on a velociraptor that was eating a hobo on the moon while being shot at by Jesus (e.g. this guy) or are people with secret blogs that only a scant few people can read (Hi E!). Despite all that, I think I have my picks figured out! Drum roll, please…

Brigette’s crafty buggy blog! She is both a nerd (ahem, scientist) and a crafter, like me, and her plushies are incredibly cute while retaining scientific integrity so nerds like me are super happy. Also she touched a bug pin that Darwin touched! How freakin’ cool is that?!?

Jessica’s Hey Lola! This lady will funny your pants off. When you stop by, make sure to congratulate her on her imaginary pregnancy!

Ida’s Tin Heart! I have totally heart-ed Ida for quit some time, and she’s going through the same “i-just-got-out-of-school-and-real-life-sucks” part of life I (still) am going through.

Crankylit Prof’s Cranky Epistles Haha, I wish all my professors had been like this one…

Cat’s Zipbag of Bones Ok, so this is one of the blogs I lurk on so it totally goes against the rules I set for myself but she’s really funny and her wrist is really broken right now.

Here’s the caveat to the award, people!

Da rules:
The rules of this award are:
* Copy the badge and put the logo on your blog sidebar or post.
* Nominate at least 5 blogs (can be more) that for you are Uber Amazing!
* Let them know that they have received this Uber Amazing award by commenting on their blog.
* Share the love and link to this post and to the person you received your award from.
Come back and comment here so that your link could be added to the masterlist of awardees.



  1. Steam Me Up, Kid said,

    Aw, EF! I forgot to tag more people! It took me forever to put it on my blog and then I got distracted. Also, I know SOME people, not me, OTHER people, think of awards as eherpes. NOT ME, Vic, you hear me?? I love my big pink vulva ribbon!

    Now our blogs match, twinsies!!

    Glitter hearts,


  2. Kurt said,

    Thanks for not making me a girl. I appreciate it.

    (*kicks dirt. Secretly wishes for pink ribbon*)

  3. Cat said,

    Congratulations on your award, and I’m honored that you came out of your lurking closet on my behalf – if anyone deserves an award…it’s me, so thanks for noticing!

    ps – I’m glad to “meet” you!

  4. Vic said,

    Hey, it looks great! I’m going to go check out some new blog sites! (Except Cat – I already haunt her site, so she’s stuck with me anyway 🙂

  5. Jade said,

    You are added! Congrats!!!

  6. Jessica (Hey Lola) said,

    Is it too late to make my bow on a velociraptor eating a hobo on the moon while being shot at by Jesus ?

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