April 6, 2009 at 9:25 am (life in general, thoughts and musings)

I like numbers. They do what the are supposed to and don’t get passive aggresive or poop or anything.

Number of hours I’ve work in the last two weeks: 120
Number of hours I will work this and next week: 110, at least
Number of hours I slept when I got home Saturday night: 12
Numbers of weeks I thought I had left until this job was over: 6
Number of weeks I actually have left: 8
Percentage I am disappointed by this: 100%

Days until my teaching test: 7
Days I need to feel confident I know everything that is covered on the test: 30
Actual number of days I will spend studying this week, probably: 3
Number of stress pimples I will probably develop as a result: 3-5

Percentage, on a low self-esteem day, that I feel like I’m making a mistake about switching careers: 50%
Percentage, on a good day, that I feel like I’m totally doing the right thing about my career: 100%

Number of people that I think will be disappointed by my hiding of my cleavage post: 18,3478,430,923
Probable actual number: 2

Number of cups of coffee that it will probably take for me to get through today: 12
Number I’ve had so far: 1
Probability I’ll be working at a coffee shop all day: 100%
Probability that I’ll spend most of the day watching hipsters pontificate about random crap instead of working: 100%
Probability that the coffee shop I’ll decide to work at will be the one where the guy living next door to it is super hot and walks around his backyard half naked: 150%



  1. Kurt said,

    Percentage change in cleavage of this blog: -100%
    Percentage effect it has on your readership loyalty: 0%

  2. Steam Me Up, Kid said,

    awhaaa?? Where de boobiez go???

  3. E said,

    where is this coffee shop and how hot is the naked guy?

  4. M said,

    Kurt: Percentage you are lovely and awesome: 18954838%

    Steamy: You know I only have boobies for you…

    E: Spiderhouse, and we’re talking gay porn hot. Holy crap, my jaw literally dropped!

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