Dear Funk: Fu*k you

April 21, 2009 at 5:01 pm (dear universe)

I am so over you, funk. You tried to beat me down, and succeeded for a while, but this girl cannot be stopped. I have way too much stuff to do what with quitting and not having a job this summer and learning how to teach, on top of crafting my freakin’ ass off to get all the crazy out of my head. I’ve always hated those stories about the girl who is just slightly not strong enough to handle stuff, so she has to wait and have someone rescue her. Well, f-that, buddy. I’m tired of waiting and I’ve always assumed that “holding out for a hero” song that I love so much was more about someone holding out so that I could come rescue them, rather than me waiting around for life to turn around. I look freakin’ hot in a cape, people. So no more wah-wah, poor me, poo poo crap, time to tie on the cape and get on to the ass-kicking. I think my lovely E was right when she said my current job was giving me Stockholm syndrome. Well, screw that, my head already has enough wrong with it as is. My coworkers don’t give a crap about me? Well, I don’t care, I’m leaving them all anyway. I’m going to go somewhere where I’m not just needed, but a hero to people that I will see everyday. I’m going to have to make capes to go with all my outfits…




  1. E said,

    That’s the spirit!!
    By the way I think you look sexy in a cape, and boots made for a** kicking!

  2. Kurt said,

    Pew! Pew! PEw! Funk! Get bent!

    Also, Gooooooo M!

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