lessons learned this weekend

May 3, 2009 at 1:27 pm (boring, life in general)

1. Going to a teacher’s job fair in May when all you have is a probationary teaching certificate is way pointless and pretty damn frustrating. Chance to network my butt, the principals are not interested in chitchatting with you about your teaching strategies, they want to meet teachers with 248927 years experience. Whatever.

2. I should never go the Pecan Street Festival by myself when I am on a budget, especially a you-just-put-in-your-resignation-and-have-no-summer-income budget. But there were so many pretty things (though this pic does not do this mobile justice):

3. Girls with chubby thighs that may or may not be me should not go to street fairs for hours in the heat when wearing a skirt.

4. Having a desk covered in crafting supplies is not conducive to filling out teaching applications, organizing a neat resume, etc.



  1. E said,

    you bum, going to the fair without me. :cries:

  2. Steam Me Up, Kid said,

    I hate my thighs in skirts in the heat. Instant bad mood.

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