May 7, 2009 at 5:28 pm (boring)

Right, so my 4-week notice letter was sent to my boss last Thursday… and now, somehow, everyone I work with knows I’m leaving. The worst part? NO ONE IS DISAPPOINTED. I know I’m no one’s best friend around here but come on, people, I bust my ass for you all!! And how do I know this, other than by having a busted ass? I have been going through my 7000+ accumulated emails associated with this job, picking out any and all things that I took care of while working here the last 2.5 years. My list is up to 14 pages and I’m only in the first third. GAH.

In other news, I’ve been applying for teaching jobs like a madwoman. How many times can you bug the same principal? Seriously, people, I can totally teach Physics and no one wants that job. Crap, that reminds me I need to obliterate every trace of myself on the interwebs…prepare to be anon-i-fied, blog!



  1. E said,

    they are just jealous

  2. Steam Me Up, Kid said,

    Infinity times. That’s how much you can bug the same principal.

    Another tip: Ask one of the teachers there if you can observe their class, you heard they have a great rapport with kids, use some great constructivist teaching strategies, blah blah…then joke around with them after, ask them some questions… sometimes all you need to get to the top of the resume pile is one teacher who tells someone they’d like to work with you.

  3. grannypanties said,

    <> i care!!!! of course, i try to associate myself with our fellow labmates as little as i can, so i totally know that doesn’t pertain to me.

    i swear, dr gore is gonna fire me in order to get rid of all the cool people in lab. perhaps that’s why she won’t accept me as a volunteer this summer?

    btw, i’m sure half of those 7000+ emails you have to shuffle through are from me, talking about unicorn poop. you’re welcome.

  4. Kurt said,

    I think you can bug them until the cease and desist order goes through , and then maybe once more, but wear comfy clothes because jail is crampy.

  5. Jessica (Hey Lola) said,

    First, I’m a total a**hole (I’m saying a**hole instead of what I actually am because I’m not sure if I should be swearing all over your blog, especially given that I’m such a huge a**hole to begin with) You gave me an awesome award a loooooong time ago and at the time I was all. “sweet! I’ll do a blog post and say thank you and come over to this blog and say thank you and it’ll be cool!”

    …and then I got all sorts of sidetracked and it probably looked like I was ignoring you and the awesome award, which is the equivalent of me coming over here and giving you the middle finger and being all, “up yours, Jabberwocky Sideshow!”

    ..but I really wasn’t, I’m just not very organized or very focused. I’m sorry. I totally suck. Thank you for my award, I’m going to accept it and thank you very publicly…I swear…I’ve got a dress picked out and everything.

    Also, true story…I love physics.

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