the last few weeks in pictures

May 25, 2009 at 3:58 pm (Uncategorized)

My lab legacy:

Two+ years of saved post-its notes, all deemed no longer necessary and thrown into the recycle bin. My ex-assistants would be proud.

It’s kitten season at my dad’s place in the “country”:
Such cute little future-demons…one of them already knows what he/she wants to be when he/she grows up:

A dragon slayer! This pic is blurry because it is so full of dragon-butt-kicking action. That dragon is supposed to go on the end of rain gutters, like a gargoyle. If you’ve ever been on a plane, you’ll recognize it’s from, that’s right, Skymall!! Hahaha… I thought it was such an awesomely silly idea to get my dad…until I gave them to him and he sadly pointed out that he has no rain gutters. What the what?? Who doesn’t have rain gutters?? Whatever, now the dragon gutter guys flank his front door and are obviously great threats to little kittens.

Also, it’s pretty-flower-season!
Also known as the beginning of “f*ck-it’s-hot” season. Soon it will be “do-I-really-need-to-go-outside-during-daylight?” season and all the flowers will be gone. Sadness!

Back to work…hopefully this will be the last Memorial day I have to work for a while, but who knows what the future brings? All I know is that, for a while at least, it will bring less rat-dander-induced allergies!


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  1. grannypanties said,

    that’s so sad! i worked hard on many a post-its. you’d better have saved the good ones! or at least my haikus…

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