one panic attack later…

June 21, 2009 at 9:49 pm (Uncategorized)

Holy moly, what a week. No time for prose, must list instead:

1). I reconnected a friend who I totally cannot read- is he annoyed with me for wanting to hang out with me? He seems it, yet he keeps showing up. I refuse to believe he was more interesting in 6th grade than he is now, but this may be a lost cause. He actually contacted me about teaching jobs through the magic of Facebook and we’ve hung out a couple times since then, but each time I get the feeling he cannot wait to get outta there. Whatever. It’s hard enough pulling answers from my students, I don’t need that kind of interaction with people in my personal life as well.

2). I discovered a type of beer that doesn’t make me want to throw up immediately: heffeweisen! Yum.

3). At the beginning of this week the major school district affiliated with my teaching program declared a hiring freeze- not good, considering most of us were counting on getting hired by them. So, the program said we didn’t have to stick to our affiliated districts any more, and that instead we could apply where ever we wanted. So, a few days later, after finally getting a moment to myself, I started looking at charter schools in my city, and sending off resumes randomly, not expecting much but wanting to get them out of the way before I did the big applications for districts outside of town. Twenty minutes after I sent a specific school my resume, a principal called me to schedule an interview- for that afternoon. I went after my teaching classes, had the first interview where I didn’t walk away feeling completely dumb about my answers, and went to go get very drunk with my classmates while playing minigolf. Several very intoxicated hours later, I check my email…and I had been offered the job. Within twelve hours of sending my resume. HOLY CRAP. Talk about a confidence booster!

It’s not all roses and sunshine, though…I have to teach Physics and Chemistry, instead of Biology like I was hoping. It’s actually probably better this way, though- less contraversial subject matter, more concrete experiments, and NO RAT CARCASSES. Also, this school has an amazing schedule that involves a two week fall break, right around my birthday. Holy moly…for that I alone I can forgive them for making me write my own curriculum for each of the classes.

I HAVE A JOB!!! HOLY CRAP! After busting my ass for a year and a half trying to get a new science job, just two weeks after starting to find a science teaching job I AM HIRED. I’m so excited, I think I’ll go to be a half an hour early today in celebration (something that teachers appreciate, believe me!).

Also, I saw this after lesson planning all day Saturday at a coffee shop:


Please tell me someone else sees that thing sneaking up on that poor, unsuspecting house, about to give it a major karate chop…



  1. Kurt said,

    I think you and rats have a painful history and hard science is more fun anyway(s). Congrats!

  2. Anonymous Alice said,

    Unreadable man has his own problems socializing. Stop equating your self worth with the acceptance of people who a. cannot value themselves, or b. cannot value anyone else. Try and remember those of us who love who and what you are. It seems we have to fight for your attention these days while every shit bird dysfunctional ass hat out there draws your attention.

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