about the author

tesla fibonacci is the stripper name i gave myself at a burlesque show i went to once, when my friend and i decided we should do some burlesque ourselves. don’t be jealous, you know it’s an awesome alias.

i dreamed of becoming a marine biologist from the 5th grade until i turned 25. then i went to grad school. then i was a comparative neuroendocrinology lab manager living inland. i complained about that a lot for a while, then decided to become a teacher when i was accepted to an alternative certification program i had heard about at a job fair. now i teach physics and chem at a charter school to sheltered teenagers. much better than dealing with whiny scientists, believe me!

i like to think of myself as an eccentric scientist- i’m really into learning about everything, though my favorites bits of science include the crossing point of stress physiology and animal science. if i had been born a century earlier, i would’ve been a naturalist.

i love being out in nature (or just walking down the street) and yelling “look at that!” to whomever is nearby, pointing eagerly at a falcon, squirrel, weird piece of art, whatever.

i don’t capitalize properly on this blog. it started long, long ago and it is now too late to correct it.

i have a lot of distractions (god forbid i get bored!).

in general, i have a ton of hobbies and most are craft-oriented (e.g. embroidery, cross stiching, decoupage, beading, gluing or stapling random stuff to other random stuff, etc). i also like learning languages (i’m working on japanese right now, off and on) and instruments (e.g. my favorite, the bass clarinet, and my runner up, the guitar). i also love talking to people who are shamelessly artistic and/or confident in themselves.

i hate genre bias and thus have a very varied collection of music. some favorites include southfm, lily allen, jimmy eat world, the squirrel nut zippers, the mighty mighty boss tones, the hush sound, our lady peace, queen, the beatles, tom petty, and alien ant farm.

i am a serious bibliophile, and a subset of the books i have devoured can be found here:

http://www.goodreads.com/review/list/1620071 . most are fantasy/sci fi, though i have been getting into the classics a lot lately as well.

tune in to listen to me rant about my job and my life, and to see pictures of my cats, my weird experiences, my various crafty projects and my life.

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  1. E said,

    Miss you bunches, and now I get to see what you are up to!

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