Cast of characters

Me: there is so much buzzing around in my head that mostly I’m the only cast member on stage on this blog. That’s sorta the point though, you know?

The Boy Dr. FianceHusband: my (unofficial) husband. My mom called him the boy long ago when we had just started dating so I called him that on this blog for a while. He doesn’t really read this but I totally love him anyway. Same team!

Moon: our girl cat. She’s super smart but all black so whenever I see other black cats I can’t tell if they are her or not and I get freaked out.

Kiwi: our boy cat. He is less smart but really fluffy and cuddly. And loud. Did I mention he was fluffy?

Yee-Yee: my friend. I love her. The universe doesn’t always, but I do.

E: another friend. I also love her. She lives far away but I try not to hold that against her.

My dad: my dad.

My mom: died a few years ago but I still send her blogs.

My brother: he also lives far away, even further than E. I wish I lived there, though- he lives in Portland!

Fae: my brother’s fiancee. She’s cool.

Steppy: my soon to be step sister. I haven’t decided what to think about her yet.

The Alpha Troll: the one person in my life who is actively trying to harsh my buzz. She has been ever since I met her, though up until recently it was passive. Now, not so much.

The universe: mostly it hates me but it’s like that one friend who decided they hated you for no reason but you still try to get them to be friends with you again even though you totally know they will poop all over you given the right opportunity.

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