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November 18, 2008 at 8:28 pm (bus bloggin', thoughts and musings)

I just discovered that I can blog from my phone! Horray, something else to do on the bus to avoid eye contact with all the crazies! The only “downside” is that I can’t seem to keep my “no uppercase letters” theme going, but maybe that’s ok. Maybe it’s time to use capital letters like a real person. We’ll see. I’ve never really prided myself on being a “real” person.

Some thoughts:
-did I use “prided myself” correcly? ‘Cause it looks all wonky to me.
-why the hell are there so many quotation marks in this post so far?
-I probably totally look like a lame scene or sorority chick, sitting on the bus stop bench, typing away at my phone. Don’t worry people, I don’t actually have any friends to text. Cue sad laugh! Also I’m way too old to know what “scene” means.
-Oooh, a text from Yee Yee! Too bad it’s all about how she got a cool comment from the bloggess while all I got was a scolding.

In other news, today at work I had an unfortunate encounter with gravity. See, gravity and I are not on good terms. I like standing up and walking sometimes, and gravity seems to think that occasionally I just need to fall flat on my face, and the more joints I twist on the way down, the better. So today, on the way to lunch, I was minding my own business, about to cross the street, when suddenly POW!!! I fall on my damn face. Or technically, I skidded in a patch of gravel, fell, and caught myself on my left knee and both palms, springing up lightly and laughing it off while my coworker freaked out. And then I took a step and realized, “hey, that ankle that you haven’t ever twisted before? Yup, toooootally twisted the crap out of it this time. Have fun!” Well, f*ck you, gravity. The best part was that immediately after I fell and started walking again, the truck that had stopped at the light pulled a quick u-turn, as if to say “quick, the gravity is too high in that area! Evacuate!” or possibly “holy sh*tballs, that girl is nuts. We need to get out of here before she comes after us.” Either is equally possible, I think. I wonder if there is a way to blame my problems with gravity on my boobs…

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