gah!! so overwhelmed!! Also some pictures.

June 10, 2009 at 7:12 pm (animal behavior, art?, cats, life in general, teach this!)

Oh my moly. Things are a-happenin’!

-I finally left the lab- woohoo!! No more rats and disgruntled grad students for me!! Unfortunately this also means no more income…
-I started my teaching certificate program- it is simultaneously incredibly frustrating and exciting. It’s frustrating because so much emphasis is put on this rule system that the program is based on, rather than the ins and outs of how to teach, which is what I really need to know. Additionally, apparently some of the people in the program are catty bi-oches*, because it’s only the second day of the program and I’ve already basically been told someone is talking crap about me. Awesome. Can’t get enough. Bring it, fools, you’re just jealous of my mad science background.
-I start teaching for real next Wednesday. Sure, it’s “student teaching,” but I’m actually teaching the lesson, making lesson plans, directing labs, grading, etc, so the only difference I see is that I’ll be under supervision the whole time. Plus I’m so excited about teaching that I keep volunteering for things when I should be just sitting back and watching. But this is good, right? ‘Cause no one will ever forget who I am this way…of course, they’ll all think I’m a nutcase, but at least they’ll never forget me…

In other news, we have a new addition to our household:
Chomsky! The incredibly intense bearded dragon! My friend is moving out of the country and wanted Chomksy to go to a good home rather than being sold back to the pet store, so he became ours. I was worried the cats would freak him out, but since the second day he’s been here, he’s basically just ignored him. They cats, on the other hand, can’t get enough of him, especially during “daylight” hours when the heat lamp is on and he’s up and moving around.

That’s big ol’ Kiwi, showing some love by sleeping on top of poor Chomsky’s terrarium, even though I’ve chased him off of there 248952720 times already. Little bastard. Cute, but still a bastard.

I had more pictures to post, of shops shaped like cupcakes and giant teddy bear statues that must induce nightmares (both of these things I saw in town recently…) but I am tired and I still have to write a syllabus and lesson plans and read some case studies and this and that and…

*i don’t know how you actually spell this word but I think my point still gets across so I’m comfortable in my ignorance in this area.

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Having gotten her scores, our heroine prepares for the weekend

April 17, 2009 at 9:13 am (teach this!)

But will she be drinking in celebration, or in self pity?



*Bitches being the nay-saying voices in my head. Well, they can suck it ’cause this girl, who works in a fancy pants high tech laboratory, knows her high school science.

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Having apparently pissed off the universe, our heroine prepares herself for a weekend locked in a closet with lasers….

April 1, 2009 at 4:08 pm (rants, teach this!)

Sure sounds sorta cool, doesn’t it? In actuality, I have two major experiments to do this and next week, both of which involve spending at least 30 hours doing laser microscopy. Again, sounds cool, but what’s the one thing I’m not supposed to do but do anyways ’cause it’s pretty? Look at the damn laser. It’s so blue! It’s my favorite shade of blue! Also if I look directly at it I can tell if my slide is any where near where it is supposed to be….sure, I could do the right thing and look through the occulars on the microscope but doing that too much hurts my brain. The biggest pain the butt is that these are the two weeks I should be studying for my you-qualify-to-be-a-teacher test, but instead I’ll be frying my eyeballs and brains just in time to finish up the experiments and take the test. Grant season is awesome.

Anyway, I know some people like those in the back of my head are thinking, hey, it’s high school science and you have a Masters degree in a scientific field, you fool, what are you worried about? Well, interesting point, and the stuff that I know (biology, oceanography and most geology) I will ace on the test. The problem is that this test is a compilation of all the major sciences- that includes physics and hard (i.e. not bio) chemistry. This is a problem because even though I totally took those classes, they were forever ago and in some cases, such as chemistry, I didn’t pay attention for crap because I thought I was going to be an ecologist and save the world so who the hell needs organic chemistry anyways? Turns out I do. Especially since I’m a physiologist and not an ecologist. Those guys are nuts and their science annoys me now, but they usually fun at parties so I don’t yell at them.

Anyway again, the point I am trying to make is that I cannot keep physics equations in my head, which is a problem because 20% of this test is physics, and not nice general questions that you can reason out but hard, you-better-know-your-shit questions. Another 10% of the test is astronomy, which is mostly ok except when it comes to special relativity and expansion of distant galaxies because I cannot for the life of me wrap my brain around that stuff. Einstein, seriously, what the hell does it mean that when “mass is embedded in space-time it alters the shape of the universe”? My dad tried to explain it in a way that a blanket was a metaphor representing the universe and you throw a ball (which represents something embedded in space-time- this phrase alone makes my head hurt) at it, it makes a dent so the shape of the universe changes.

Um, what? Is it really so simple? And by simple I mean ….what???? Stupid physics!  And then someother guys determiend that the universe is actually flat…what?? See, this is why biology is better. It makes sense! Even the fact that the only absolute in biology is that there are exceptions to every rule makes more sense to me than astronomy physics.

And can I just say, I never had to learn anything this deep in high school! Of course, my biology class was taught by a volleyball coach, my chem class was taught by a disgruntled old man, and my marine science course, which should’ve been my most interesting class, was my most boring. So really even if there was some interesting, deep science in any of those classes, I totally missed it.

Well this post was a pointless rant, wasn’t it? Blame it on the lasers. I think there are lasermonkeys growing in my brain now.

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March 25, 2009 at 5:15 pm (i'm too old to be a fangirl but..., insomnia, just pure awesome, life in general, teach this!)

Things I should be doing:
1. Preparing for my teaching test (bleh)
2. Cleaning (bleeeeh)
3. Planning experiments (meh)
4. Writing protocols for my eventual departure from the lab (BLEEEH)

What I am actually doing:
1). Reading Lucy Knisley’s comics. I followed a link about her on BoingBoing because she has the same last name as my best friend from middle school (Hello, Annick? Hello?) but now I am hooked, she is crazy amazing. And her assessment of the Twilight “books” are spot on.
2). Watching Spaced. Best. Show. Ever.
3). Thinking about how to design my wedding dress. But wait! It’s going to be a long She-ra dress with a rip away skirt so that I am left with a mini skirt bottom in case monsters attack or I need to dance! It’s going to be kickass.
4). Assessing the pros and cons of taking a nap so late in the day.

Gah! Must study!!

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what is this squirrel thinking?

March 3, 2009 at 9:17 am (austin awesome, teach this!)

I haven’t had time to blog lately, what with being so popular all of the sudden* so instead of a real post I posit this question:

What is this squirrel thinking?

He’s not eating or anything, he’s just sitting there, doing nothing pondering the deeper meaning of something. So, is he:
A). Wondering where he buried that last pecan**
B). Hiding from the local hawk
C). Hoping his escaped lab rat lady friend still loves him (does that green glow mean love?)
D). Using his psychic squirrel powers to summon his brethren to attack the next person who stops to take his picture
E). Other (discuss)

Am I ready to be a teacher or what? I can totally think up word problems on the spot. My interview is this Saturday!

*this includes being for some reason very popular with the ladies, if you know what I mean****. Sadly I’m totally clueless about this stuff even with boys and have about zero gay-dar so when a girl asks me “hey wanna come over, we can do some crafting” I really think she means we’re going to whip out our embroidery needles and talk about how we hate our labs. This is a story for another time…

**If you pronounce it “pee-can” we are no longer friends. Not that I judge.

***I guess I should start preparing my “teaching segment” of the interview…

****Wink wink, nudge nudge!

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