new year awesomeness

January 1, 2009 at 1:35 am (i promise i was not drunk when i wrote this, just pure awesome, um...)

an epic tale of a random cat toy and vintage barbie wigs…

One day, a mouse was just hanging out, wondering how he could become more successful with the ladies and in his business affairs.

I know, he thought, I just need a good hairpiece!

Oooooh yeah! Right away the ladies started taking notice.

“Oh, why hello, pretty mouse! Can I give you my number?”

img_02331“Of course, baby, let me just put your number into my phone…”

And then they lived happily ever after. The end. Until I find more wigs.

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Having survived the holidays, the crushing depression and a headcold of the apocolypse, our blogging heroine has returned!

December 31, 2008 at 6:22 pm (life in general, um...)

Now that the holidays are over and the associated depression has lifted, it’s time once again for my annual holy-crap-this-is-awful headcold. The one that makes me super miserable half the time and super dooper (duper?) loopy the rest of the time. Do I get this from the hordes of children I have to hang out with at family events? Who knows, all I know is that the second half of my holiday “break” is spent in bed with a book, a gameboy, and loads of ibuprofen (seriously, here is the evidence). Hence the lack of blogging for a while. Here’s some mildly boring catch up:

First of all, I would like to point out that I am super awesome and crazy even when I do not have a headcold of the apocolypse. For xmas this year, I got super crafty and made…drum roll…wait for it…quilts! For only a few people, but let me tell you that was plenty. BEHOLD!


I am a one woman sweat shop. I say that because instead of being awesome and finishing these quilts ages ago, I was still working on the last one on xmas eve so I had to bust my butt on them. Also, the idea that making xmas presents is a lot cheaper than buying them is a great big fat lie, at least when I do it. Maybe I’m doing it wrong. Too bad there’s no going back now! Also, I want to make myself a quilt now, maybe out of the old t-shirts I don’t wear any more. We’ll see…

Also, these quilts went to some of the motherly figures in my life (well, except the red one, that was a favor). That’s a big step for me, people, admitting that I have motherly figures in my life! Very big! Ah, forgettaboutit.

To keep with tradition (and because I was pretty broke this season) I also made some jewelry for my dad’s fiance’s daughter (who is my age but with a kid and a house…sigh):



and my mother in law:

I don’t know if she likes it or not but I did my daughterly duty and made something sparkly for her.

See, I still craft!


I got a new lovely camera for xmas and I AM SO HAPPY!! Of course, it makes driving a bit difficult in some cases…

Ah, the 360 bridge…I’ve lived here forever but never actually taken pictures of it. And when do I decided to take a pic? When driving. I am awesome. Anyway the point is that I have a new fabulous camera that I hope to never kill horribly like my last one. We’ll see how that goes, since I am a pretty big freakin’ klutz.

I got a dress form for xmas and I was super excited about making skirts and dresses on it that actually fit me right… and then I adjusted it to be my size and it is DEPRESSING.There’s nothing like seeing your beheaded body in front of you to make you realize just how much you need to start riding your bike to work. All six miles- suck it up, fatty!


In other news, I am apparently unhirable (which apparently isn’t a word). The one job that I thought I would totally get, easy, was given to someone with “more experience” which is bullfart. It’s probably all stupid departmental politics because the director of my old department hates my old advisor. Or maybe I didn’t pass the gossip test- during the interview, one of the interviewers started talking about how my old advisor got divorced…awkward and totally unprofessional, and maybe if I had said that instead of sitting there like I didn’t care (’cause I don’t) they would’ve hired me. Whatever. I’ve applied for a million more jobs that hopefully pay more than mine so let’s all just cross our fingers that the new year will be better for me than this one, hmm?

Maybe one of my resolutions will be to be more interesting…or at least blog daily so as to dilute the really boring stuff with lots of pictures…

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sometimes i wonder…

December 8, 2008 at 2:01 pm (jinxing myself, life in general, rants, thoughts and musings, um...)

While walking to work this morning I decided to cut through the museum part of campus rather than going by the law school or being super lazy and taking an extra bus. Very good choice on my part- I got to see random art and the dinosaur tracks that have been on display since I was a little kid. On the way, though, I started to wonder: do I have boogers on my face? ‘Cause I walked by two different people who just gave me crazy stares when I said hello. One was a pretty cute music professor, the other was just a mean old man (or at least that’s how I remember him). Both just stared at my face as they walked by; the cute one had a bemused look, while the old guy just looked mean and angry. So I reiterate: did I have boogers on my face? That’s the only explanation I can think of. That or it was just sorta early in the morning on a day when no one really should’ve been on campus. That’s right, it’s finals time! Or rather, the days before finals when there are no classes, just lots of illegal review sessions (technically you’re not supposed to have any during this time, but everyone does anyway). I wonder if the two people thought I was a student who should’ve been hiding in a library somewhere, studying? People ask me all the time if I’m a student. Is it ’cause I look young? Or maybe because I take the bus? Or is that just the safe thing to ask people? ‘Cause let me tell you, I am not student age any more. 27, people! I’m supposed to have a real job and goals and a house and some kids and stuff by now. HA! That’s me, always disrupting people’s preconceived notions of what I’m “supposed” to be…


The weather in Austin is all poopy and Texas-y. We have a saying, “if you don’t like the weather, just wait a minute!” meaning that the weather goes all schitzo in the winter and refuses to say the same for more than two days at a time. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fan of cold and I’m super happy it rarely ever snows here. But it’s freakin’ December, people. The highs should no longer be in the upper 70s. I’m tired of having to seriously debate in the morning if it is worth putting on socks or not. Also, we have all these omnious clouds rolling over head all the time, but no rain. LAME!


I have a phone interview on Wednesday with the head of my old department…I’m pretty sure he hates me so I don’t really know how this will go. Ok, so I totally know how it will go. He hates me so he’ll ask me lots of “you’re so stupid” questions then decided randomly that I can’t work for the department. Whatever. I’m also pretty sure I didn’t get this other super awesome job that would’ve let me travel around the world, imparting scientific knowledge on people. Of course, they won’t tell me how much they aren’t going to hire me until they “finish interviewing” which I think is unnecessarily cruel. Jerks. I should know by next Friday, bleh.


Alright, mini rant time. I am tired of making crafts for people who do not appreciate them. Worse, I’m tired of being around people who just expect me to make them things. The people at work who just bust out with “Hey, where’s my (random awesomely crafted thing by meg)” or “You better be working on my (crafty thing)” make me want to stop crafting forever. Not to mention the person who said “I want to learn how to make jewelry like you, but I want mine to look professional.” Well, no more crafty goodies for you, jerk. I gotta go craft some awesome things for people who like them to make myself feel better…

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i am a bizarre oddity

November 20, 2008 at 10:59 am (just pure awesome, um...)

seriously, how awesome is this:



also: john cleese has a blog!!!!

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brightness is an issue

November 17, 2008 at 8:16 pm (um..., work shmork)

courtesy of the boy, who bought a fancy huge new monitor for himself, i got myself his hand-me-down-yet-still-quite-nice monitor. it is pretty and big and lovely, but i can’t figure out how to set it so that the brightness is just perfect. so, instead, i decided to change stuff on the interwebs that annoyed me on my new monitor- for example, my old blog template. this one looks much better…

i hate interviews. seriously, seriously hate them. it’s not that i don’t like the sitting down and selling myself- that’s no problem ’cause i’m pretty sure i’m hot stuff, no matter how you slice me. so, the first round of interviews isn’t a big deal. it’s the second, where i have to do something to impress, that sucks. i had a second interview today at a biotech company, where i had to make and give a presentation on some scientific technique i was familiar with. i spent a solid week perfecting my presentation, and then gave it…and have to wait another two weeks to find out if i get the job or not. I HATE THAT! i am an instant gratification kind of girl! i’m not good at waiting!

poop. i’m all frazzled today so no fun thoughts will come out of my head for the blog. maybe later…after i decompress a bit!

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