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March 18, 2009 at 1:20 pm (animal behavior, art?, austin awesome, just pure awesome, life in general, weirdness abounds)

Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce… Turtle Opera.

No, I have no idea what he/she* is doing, but my guess is opera because it isn’t turtle mating season yet. You can tell some of the turtles on campus want to be ninja turtles when they grow up, though:
He/she’s totally working his/her biceps.

And I stick by my theory that too much of anything gets a little creepy, aka swarms are gross and too many turtles start to look disturbingly like bugs:

which is probably why this guy/gal decided to make a break for it:
This is how I imagine these turtles are interacting:

Big turtle: Noooo! Take me with you!
Little turtle: Screw you, I need to be free! Also you don’t share your algae/fish/french fries/whatever turtles eat with me! Goodbye forever! Or at least until I chicken out and jump back into the water!

The best thing about red-eared slider turtles? This:
Turtle smile!

*short of cutting it open, I have no idea how to sex a turtle unless I am watching them mate**.

**I probably need to clarify that I mean watching it mate with another turtle. You crazy readers…***

***I should probably further clarify that I am not some crazy who goes around watching turtles mate on purpose, I just see it at zoos or on TV or in the above turtle population sometimes and if you have never seen a turtle couple getting it on, you should google it because that shit is HILARIOUS. ****

****”that shit is hilarious” is totally a scientific phrase. Also, there’s this:
Interesting street art is almost as cool as crazy opera turtles in my book.

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what is this squirrel thinking?

March 3, 2009 at 9:17 am (austin awesome, teach this!)

I haven’t had time to blog lately, what with being so popular all of the sudden* so instead of a real post I posit this question:

What is this squirrel thinking?

He’s not eating or anything, he’s just sitting there, doing nothing pondering the deeper meaning of something. So, is he:
A). Wondering where he buried that last pecan**
B). Hiding from the local hawk
C). Hoping his escaped lab rat lady friend still loves him (does that green glow mean love?)
D). Using his psychic squirrel powers to summon his brethren to attack the next person who stops to take his picture
E). Other (discuss)

Am I ready to be a teacher or what? I can totally think up word problems on the spot. My interview is this Saturday!

*this includes being for some reason very popular with the ladies, if you know what I mean****. Sadly I’m totally clueless about this stuff even with boys and have about zero gay-dar so when a girl asks me “hey wanna come over, we can do some crafting” I really think she means we’re going to whip out our embroidery needles and talk about how we hate our labs. This is a story for another time…

**If you pronounce it “pee-can” we are no longer friends. Not that I judge.

***I guess I should start preparing my “teaching segment” of the interview…

****Wink wink, nudge nudge!

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